The Enos Mills Cabin Museum
6760 Highway 7
Estes Park, CO
Email: info@enosmills.com
Please allow an hour for a visit to the museum.
No Public Restrooms
Please leave dogs at home or in the vehicle. Thank you!
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10 miles north of Allenspark, 8 miles south of Estes Park.
Admissions are $20 per person. All tours are private.
The trail to the museum is NOT handicapped accessible. Wear comfortable walking shoes and appropriate clothing for the weather.
We currently do not accept credit cards at our physical location. Cash or Check only. To make arrangements to pay by credit card, please call the number above.
By Appointment:
This is our current method. It allows us to have time dedicated for you and your group or family. Please call or email ahead for a visit, and we'll put YOU on the calendar!
About the Museum:
     A short nature trail noting native flora leads you to the original homestead cabin built by 15-year-old Kansan Enos A. Mills in 1885, placed on the National Register of Historic Placed in 1973 as the home of the "Father of Rocky Mountain National Park".
     Photos, letters and exhibits illustrate the life and achievements of this rare spirit who was Colorado Snow Observer, miner, inn-keeper, speaker, author, nature guide, and dynamic in the formation of the National Park Service and the craft of Interpretive Naturalists.
     It is the location where Enos wrote many of his stories and the setting of several of his experiences.
How we look on Google Maps:
When you visit the museum, you will be parking across the street from our entrance, and then walking to the museum. When you make your reservation, we will give you detailed directions on how to find us. Beware: Google Maps Street View places you at the DAR Marker for Enos Mills, not our actual entrance. Google Maps also has us listed at 6829 Highway 7 instead of 6760.
Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.
Your tour guide will meet you here:
Where Google Maps Street View says we are:
Heading south on Highway 7 towards Allenspark. brochure001003.jpg
The DAR Marker for Enos Mills heading north towards Estes Park.
Heading south on Highway 7 towards Allenspark.
brochure001001.jpg Heading north on Highway 7 towards Estes Park.
The street view you get when you click on maps.google.com's Enos Mills Cabin listing. Also not our entrance!
Heading north on Highway 7 towards Estes Park.
brochure001002.jpg The view where you park.
The basic view from Google Maps which is "mostly" accurate. Be aware: South St. Vrain is also known as Colorado Highway 7.
The view where you park.