Now Available on Kindle:
"A Baby's Life in the Rocky Mountains"
by Esther Burnell Mills,
with additional material by Enos A. Mills
“A Baby’s Life in the Rocky Mountains” is the charming story of Enda Mills, the only child of Enos A. Mills (dubbed as the "Father of Rocky Mountain National Park" by the Denver Post) and Esther Burnell Mills, the first licensed nature guide for the National Park Service.

This is an intimate view of their life at 9000 feet in the heart of the Rocky Mountains discovering a brand new world through the developing and remarkable mind of a young child. For any Enos Mills enthusiast, this gives a wonderful insight into their little-known family life. Illustrated with photographs.

"Fear was never suggested in any form, or a sense of terror substituted for correct understanding. Investigations in every direction were encouraged for her mental development and we felt it important for Enda to know the 'why' of things..."

“Enda was never allowed to have any fear of animals. Though she knew that our mountain wilderness was peopled with bear, lion, wild cat, coyote and skunk, there was always the accompanying idea that they did not harm people, unless they or their children were in danger or had been wounded. She always hoped we might see one of these attractions when we were out. She seemed to have established a firm conviction in her own mind that she would go and meet them if we did.”

(Excerpts from "A Baby's Life in the Rocky Mountains.")
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