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Welcome to the Enos Mills Cabin!
Enos Mills is best known for being the "Father of Rocky Mountain National Park", after his six year struggle to educate the public and Congress of the importance of setting aside large land areas for preservation of scenery and the wild life inhabitants. He was also an author, photographer, nature guide, innkeeper, lecturer, and adventurer.

The Enos Mills Cabin is an unconventional Museum that was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on July 3, 1973. Enos' son-in-law and daughter transformed the homestead cabin Enos built in 1885 into a dedication to Enos' many achievements that have impacted millions of people around the world.

The Enos Mills Cabin Museum and Gallery is privately owned and operated by two of Enos' descendants, Elizabeth and Eryn Mills, as a labor of love and gratitude for the better world we now benefit from, because of Enos' selfless efforts for future generations.
Please note: We do not appraise Enos' original photographs or hardbound books because it is a conflict of interest. If you wish to have something appraised, please see your local Antiques and Collectibles Dealer.
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Enos' daughter, Enda Mills Kiley, passed away in January, 2009. Click
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to read her obituary.
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"In Winters Snows" is our first new Enos Mills anthology book! All eighteen chapters tell of his adventures in winter months, perfect to inspire anyone to venture out into the wilderness when a day indoors just won't do! Also perfect for settling into a comfy chair by the fire with a mug of something hot! Click the photo to be taken straight to the gallery page!
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